The Inception Mashups Must Stop!  

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“It was all good just a week ago.” – Jay-Z

It’s funny how quickly things can go from amazing to awful. I feel that way about the trend of Inception trailer mashups. When the trailer for Inception landed, people almost didn’t know what to make of it. Like the rest of Christopher Nolan’s non-Batman work, the film seemed kind of cerebral and out there. There was one thing people were quick to latch onto, and that was the score used in the trailer. Like the Brokeback Mountain theme, it was an instantly recognizable piece of… music around which people would have no problem building parodies and mashups.

At first, these parody and mashup trailers could do no wrong. Each new one seemed as good or better than the last. You want to mix it with Up? Why not? Bang, great trailer mashup. And that happened seemingly day after day until one day, every single good idea had been used up. The problem was people didn’t stop. They mixed it with every single movie trailer in existence and they just kept going! At this point every movie in film history has been mixed with the Inception trailer three times.

Here we are a half a year after Inception was released, and the trailer mashups are still trickling in. We are begging you editors to please latch onto another film. For a while it seemed like Tron: Legacy or True Grit might be the new Inceptions. They weren’t. There’s got to be another trailer out there that works well with almost anything else. Just take a little bit of time and look for it!

We only have five Inception trailer mashups on our site. It isn’t because there aren’t a lot more great Inception trailers. It just would be irresponsible for us to continue urging editors to mash Inception up with things.

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  1. i agree!! but i still want to an inception mashup hahaha

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