Riding Miss Daisy  

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Yes, we know Riding Miss Daisy was a sketch on In Living Color about a hundred and three years ago. The Driving Miss Daisy trailer recut, though, is worth revisiting the idea that Morgan Freeman got it on with Jessica Tandy in the deep south because it’s really well done.

December, 2010
Created By: DJDrock111
Movie Used: Driving Miss Daisy

Riding Miss Daisy, 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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2 Responses

  1. Evil vid. Double meaning.
    Man y’all one messed up the dam video!

    A 17 year 70 year that a shame yo. at lest that what this video portrayed to this valuable targeted audience.
    pardon me if i misinterpreted your video
    after watching your vid. those are my thoughts.
    It only an opiion. opinion as a figure of free speech thought not to be taken personally.
    ion other words not pun intended.

    opions usally run up to 70 bucks an hour. Take it from me you get it for free so don’t complain.
    I am a no body, however you just receive valuable opinion. You saved up to 70.00 bucks. good luck on future films. Have a super dooper day

    Mr. nobody.

  2. Thanks for finally talking about >Driving Miss Daisy Trailer Recut |
    Trailer Cuts All the best trailer recuts, trailer mashups, and
    trailer remixes <Loved it!

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