About Us

Trailercuts.com is the Internet’s most authoritative destination for the best trailer recuts and trailer mashups the world has to offer. If you’re here, you probably already know what trailer recuts and mashups are, but for the uninitiated, we offer a couple definitions. A trailer recut is a movie trailer that has been re-edited, often with a different musical accompaniment, to redefine the genre of the movie. A trailer mashup is different in that it features one or more movie trailers that have been spliced together, either visually by including elements of multiple movies or audio/visually by using the audio from one trailer with the visuals from another. We love trailer recuts and trailer mashups and hope you will too.

The creators of these videos rarely receive the credit they deserve. Through Trailercuts.com, we hope to illuminate those editors sitting in their darkened rooms creating video masterpieces.

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